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Universidad de Extremadura Library Guide for International & Exchange Students: GETTING STARTED

Some good reasons to use the library

1. In the library you make use of spaces and equipments designed for you to accomplish your studies, tasks and searchs

2. In the library you can enlist the help of expert staff

3. At the library you can have access information in multiple formats: books, journals, electronic information, etc

4. The library selects the material interesting for you, it arranges it and  develops supplementary materials to help you at all times

5 In the library you can ask about all you need to Know, we´ll always try to help you or get in touch with someone who can

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Print the basic Guide Library

In this guide you´ll be able to consult a summary of our services, locations, timetables and contact details.

Who are we?

  • Universidad de Extremadura Library is a Resource Center for learning, teching and research that offers his services to whole university community
  • It is located in 4 campus: Badajoz, Cáceres,  Mérida and Plasencia
  • We have a semicentralised library system: Central Libraries (Badajoz and Cáceres) and Faculty Libraries
Biblioteca de la Universidad de Extremadura