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Universidad de Extremadura Library Guide for International & Exchange Students: Sign on as user

Student card

  • Request your university card

  • Get your patron’s record at the library and start using your opac personal account facilities at

Set up your personal account

Many library services  can be used off-campus, from home or wherever you are. You just need to create your personal account , once you have got your patron record, of course.

With the personal account details  you´ll be able to check your loans, renew, make reservations, send bibliographies or search-results  interesting for you, and also read and work with all the electronic documents in our collection.

Library PIN

  1. To start using Online Library services you need to set up a Library PIN. Personal Identification  Number (PIN) is used for security to preserve confidentiality of your records.
  2. The first time you access Mi cuenta de usuario (Login) , you will be prompted to set up your PIN: an alphanumerci combination of up to 12 characters.When entering a PIN for the first time you will be asked to repeat it to confirm your choice.
  3. You will be asked to enter a PIN whenever you Login to:
  • check your loans
  • renew
  • Accessing online resources from off campus, e.g., databases, eJournals, eBooks
  • Utilities using metasearch, etc
Biblioteca de la Universidad de Extremadura